How to contribute. is a web resource aimed at spreading the word about the Eastern gorilla. We are not set up to accept electronic contributions or administer whatever money is collected. Therefore, we have asked a group of large NGO’s that operate projects in Western gorilla range countries to set up web donation sites that are specifically earmarked for Western gorilla conservation. As of yet only one (the Wildlife Conservation Society) has accepted, but we are hoping for further participation in the near future. Please click on the link below to donate.

Organisations to Support
There are several organisations that you can support. These include international, national and local organisations that work to protect these great apes. Here are some of the organisations that we believe you can support;
the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS),
and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Dian Fossey & International Gorilla Fund

Donate at a site hosted by the Wildlife Conservation Society.